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There are so many benefits, with just one simple ingredient.

What is Haitian black castor oil good for?

If you’re of Haitian descent you know the answer to this one – everything! Described as the ‘tussin of Haiti, black castor oil is used for everything from congestion to fever, pain, scars, hair growth, and everything in between.

Today, many people use castor oil to moisturize and grow hair, thicken and grow eyelashes and eyebrows, and soften and heal corns, stretch marks, and scars.

Castor oil has 80-90% ricinoleic acid, which is responsible for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This promotes a healthy scalp which supports hair growth. Castor oil is also a humectant, so it draws water to itself, keeping hair and skin hydrated in the process.


4 fl oz / 2 Month Supply (Approx.)


Certified Organic |Cruelty-free |100% vegan

Haitian Black Castor Oil

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  • Consistency:

    Heavy weight oil


    Superstar Ingredient:

    100% Ricinus Communis (Haitian Castor Seed) Oil



    Scalp infections such as bald patches and alopecia, thinning hair, dry scalp, skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, and dermatosis & inflamed joints such as tendonitis. 


    Why it's different:
    Our True Haitian Black Castor Oil is produced by the locals of Haiti using a traditional roasting method, providing the purest, most effective, and healthy form of castor oil. The nutty scent is a reminder that mother nature is present and working in full force to care for your hair, body & skin. Our oils are not manipulated to remove scent or color- instead we use oils that are in their purest form, to fully preserve their inherent nutrients and antioxidant content- for the benefit of your hair, body & skin.

  • Ingredients:

    100% Ricinus Communis (Haitian Castor Seed) Oil


    *Certified Organic
    *Naturally Sourced
    *Cruelty Free and Vegan
    *From the Earth



    Healthy scalp
    Apply castor oil to the pads of the fingers and massage into the scalp, or use a dropper or applicator bottle to apply. Focus on the hairline if you have thinning. It’s important to use very gentle pressure to avoid scalp irritation or hair breakage.

    Thicker hair
    Apply the oil to damp or dry hair starting from the ends and moving toward the scalp. Do this right before bed so that the warmth from my scarf or bonnet helps the oil to soften your hair and smooth flyaways. Wear a shower cap to intensify the warmth. Cover your pillowcase with a towel to protect it from oil stains.

    Thicker eyebrows and eyelashes
    Many people use castor oil to thicken and grow eyelashes and eyebrows. Use your fingers or a spoolie to apply the oil once or twice a day, being careful not to get it in your eyes.

    Skin care
    Many people use castor oil for the oil cleansing method (OCM), although others find that it clogs their pores (Use the OCM with jojoba oil from time to time with good results). To hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, use the pads of your fingers to pat a small amount of castor oil around your eyes. To improve your cuticles and nails, pat a small amount at the base of each nail. It helps to apply the oil to damp skin to lock the moisture in.

    Beard care

    Massage oil into facial hair & skin daily to deeply penetrate and moisturize the hair follicles.

    The results are thicker, fuller and healthier  facial hair, while keeping your beard moisturized throughout the day.

    Castor Oil Packs

    The beauty of a castor oil pack is you can place it where benefits are needed: 
    •Using on the right side of the abdomen or the whole abdomen is thought to help support the liver and digestive system. 
    Some gallbladder specialists recommend castor oil packs as part of a holistic regimen.
    •Place directly on strained joints or muscles to reduce inflammation. (Note: This is not as a substitute for medical care but to speed healing of minor injuries that don’t need medical attention)
    •Or try on the lower abdomen to help with menstrual pain and difficulties.

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